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In Baxter co-founded WholeTrees to develop and sell products and technologies that would scale the use of round timber—a byproduct of sustainable forest management—in commercial construction, increasing forest revenues and offering green construction markets a new material for the 21st century. By raising equity investment for her company, attracting national executive talent and pinpointing nascent urban markets for trees as structure, she has participated in the growth of a truly conscious and regenerative company.

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LIFT Economy is an impact consulting firm with a mission is to create, model and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life. B the Change gathers and shares the voices from within the movement of people using business as a force for good and the community of Certified B Corporations.

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Get started. During the course, you will develop your cultural sensitivity and your analytical, organisational and business skills. While others struggle to contend with this 21st-century challenge, Rotterdam leads by example.

Rotterdam is able to explore new concepts through an open-minded approach. Circular economy is based on the notion that waste does not exist. It requires a fundamentally different way of thinking: collaboration between the government and companies, as well as new products, services and business models that can close the circle. How can organisations create a circular business model that yields a sustainable competitive advantage?

Organisations that succeed in this, are the winners of the future. The economy is digitising at an extraordinary rate. The next generation of networks - 5G - will be faster, more flexible and safer than anything we now know and, consequently, pave the way for unprecedented new possibilities and new business models. This also applies to the rapid development of the Internet of Things.

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This Third Industrial Revolution will result in the growth of global economic competition. Avoid the big bang model!

How work will change in the next economy

However, businesses are also discovering that change is essential to success — whether that means keeping up with customers, beating out competitors or diving into new markets. Part of the problem is that larger companies often only have practiced one way to change: the big bang model. While this approach worked in the past, it requires a future that is understood with certainty, yet this certainty does not exist in the digital business world. Lean start-ups look to eliminate waste in transformation and innovation activities.

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This enables a company to experiment with innovations and transformations and then stabilise and scale up those changes. We use cookies to improve the website. Have you applied for a programme? Check the status of your application through my.

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The Next Economy The Next Economy
The Next Economy The Next Economy
The Next Economy The Next Economy
The Next Economy The Next Economy
The Next Economy The Next Economy

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