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Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! It's now in the dictionary. You all would not have guessed some of these. If you carry out an acid attack you could face life imprisonment. If found guilty you can be fined, sent to prison and banned from keeping animals for a specific period of time or for life.

Fires are easy to start and can spread very quickly without you realising it. It is against the law to commit arson and anybody found guilty of this could go to prison under the Criminal Damage Act Antisocial behaviour is when you act without considering others. Examples of antisocial behaviour include: Noisy behaviour in quiet streets, dropping rubbish on the street and setting off fireworks late at night. Burglary is when you steal something from a building e. If you take a weapon with you this is classed as Aggravated Burglary which is more serious and could result in a long prison sentence.

CIT robbery of a courier or van is treated as a very serious offence as they are often violent.

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  • If you are caught committing a CIT robbery or acting as a look-out to assist a robbery you will be charged. Common assault is when you are violent or cause someone to fear violence e. County lines or 'going country' is the name given to a tactic used by drugs gangs. Gangs look to move their drug dealing outside of their normal operating area in order to establish themselves as the main dealers in a new area, usually a seaside town or market town outside of a big city like London.

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    It has become increasingly popular over the recent years with children as young as 12 running drugs from big cities to home counties. Child Sexual Exploitation CSE is a form of sexual abuse where a person child under the age of 18 is groomed into taking part in sexual activity. The grooming can take place online or in person and it can also be carried out by a family member or complete stranger. Cuckooing is the taking over of a vulnerable persons home to use and sell illegal drugs from for a short period of time.

    The vulnerable person may also be sexually and physically abused throughout this process. Since , there have been individuals guilty of cuckooing in the South of England. It includes sending abusive or threatening emails or messages, sharing images or personal information without consent or posting nasty comments on social media.

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    Also sometimes known as 'acquaintance rape' as you might have just met the person but it can also happen with someone who you know very well. Even if you've consented to sex with someone in the past, it doesn't mean they have a right to have sex with you again against your will. Sometimes the person might trick you into taking a drug making you more vulnerable and easier for them to have sex with you.

    Disability crime is the name given to any crimes that are committed against someone as a direct result of their disability. Violent abuse can be one factor of an abusive relationship. The violence can include experiencing physical harm from a partner that kicks, hits, punches, throws or even just threatens to do these things. These acts of violence are considered as assault. You can be arrested for using, having or supplying illegal drugs. Dealing drugs is more serious than using or having them on you.

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    So if you sold drugs to your mates and got caught the sentence would be longer. Emotional abuse can be another factor of an abusive relationship. This type of behaviour can be very manipulative and can be classed as harassment. FGM is illegal in the UK. Breach of an FGM Protection Order is a criminal offence carrying a sentence of up to five years in prison.


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    Financial abuse can be another factor of an abusive relationship. Asking someone for money, taking money or not giving money to a partner to be controlling are just some examples. Not allowing a partner to work to make their own money can also be a form of control. This type of behaviour is very manipulative and can be classed as harassment.

    A gang can be a group of friends that all like doing the same things. The word takes on a new meaning when a group of friends gets involved in criminal activity. Although it is not illegal to be a member of a gang, much of the activity that criminal street gangs get caught up in is for example — drug dealing, violence and abuse. The victim of the rape is often younger than the group and is often drugged with drugs or alcohol.

    This type of rape is sometimes linked to gang initiation ceremonies where potential gang members have to rape someone to be allowed into the gang. If you are stopped by the police and you have a tool on you such as a screwdriver or a crowbar you could be accused of going equipped to steal. Depending on the circumstances and any previous criminal history you could receive a community order or a maximum prison sentence of up to three years.

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    • These can be given out by police officers, community support officers or local authority officials. Grooming is the name given to the process that an abuser will use to control someone, it can happen both in person or online. By building an emotional connection with the victim the abuser gains their trust.

      This could then lead to further manipulation, sexual abuse or exploitation. This is the first step to child sexual exploitation. Groomers can get up to 10 years in prison. Guns can be used in a number of different types of crimes and are used to scare, injure and kill people. Crimes like robberies, hostage situations and murders can all involve guns. If you are looking after, transporting, selling or passing on any item that you know is stolen you could be found guiltly of Handling Stolen Goods.

      The punishment for this offence would depend on how valuable the items are and by how involved you were. Harassment is when you act in a way to make someone feel distressed or threatened. It could be someone from school, people from your local area or a complete stranger. Often, if carried out repeatedly, it will lead to offenders being charged with a more serious offence. We recruit diverse participants you may not hear from at other events to provide a comprehensive view of inclusive and innovative leadership in fintech. With a program designed to translate big picture ideas into specific practical tactics, you will leave Fearless in FinTech ready to take charge of transformative leadership at your organization.

      The summit will ask the hard-hitting questions about representation, inclusion and innovation in leadership that have yet to be explored. Get an inside look into adapting, preparing and innovating for the future through exclusive keynotes and case studies, brought to you by fearless female leaders in the industry. Connect with and learn about the latest challenges and strategies in finance and fintech from senior executives and fellow industry enthusiasts. We build in plenty of networking time so you can build the business relationships that are key to success.

      Our Fearless events are designed to bring together a diverse speaker faculty and audience to tackle the questions about diversity and women in leadership in some of the most challenging industries. Attendees of our Fearless events leave with hands-on strategies for advancing their respective industry and collaborating effectively within that space. Take a peek at the audience breakdown of our December Fearless in FinTech event.

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