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Offers large amounts of protein without significant problems to the marine environment. Agriculture at sea? By optimally utilising natural and ecological circumstances the production of seaweed is stimulated and augmented, producing not only food but also feed, bio-chemicals, energy and other valuable products.

As seaweed grows fast and in large quantities, it is an ultimate opportunity of producing protein at sea, all over the world. Leaves packed with a broad variety of vitamins, antioxidants and polyphenols.


Seeds rich in oil and proteins. Extremely salt tolerant and grow rapidly with saline water or in full strength seawater. Offer opportunities to bring marginal saline grounds to high economic value. Increasing soil salinization and growing scarcity of fresh water worldwide dictate the need for domestication of inherently salt tolerant plant species with economic value. Several halophytes are very promising future sources of leafy vegetable, feed and functional food.

Converting live farmed fish into high quality and safe food is a challenge for the sector. Aquaculture can produce fish, shellfish, and crustaceans for consumption in a sustainable way, in fresh- and marine waters, onshore and offshore. However one of the major threats to intensive aquaculture is the occurrence of infectious disease outbreaks. Disease outbreaks in intensive aquaculture can occur as a result of transport of live infected fish between farms, that might cause severe morbidity and mortality and as such threaten food security and incur high economic losses.

Moreover, our epidemiologists analyse risk factors and disease transmission mechanisms of aquatic pathogens to reach effective prevention, targeted surveillance and monitoring, and optimal control strategies for aquatic diseases. Bringing the decision-procedures closer to the producers of fishery and aquaculture products improves the sustainable management of a common resource. This offers opportunities for Turkish producers to line up fishery and aquaculture production with market demands, open up new foreign and domestic markets and address the need to feed a growing Turkish and global population.

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Tropical coral reefs are among the most productive and biodiverse marine ecosystems on earth. They provide food and coastal protection to millions of people. But over-exploitation, global warming and other stress factors have caused a worldwide decline in coral reef condition.

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  • India’s Blue Revolution focuses government, private sector on upping fish production.

Reefs provide local people with seafood and economic opportunities such as ecotourism. Degradation of reefs diminishes this. Scientific research on coral reef ecology and active rehabilitation activities go hand in hand with outreach and education, in order to raise awareness among the local communities and help them prepare for a sustainable future. Aquaculture is the most rapidly growing sector in animal production, with a large diversity in species and production systems.

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Tailor-made breeding programs help to sustain this rapid growth by matching breeds with farming practices. This helps to ensure that the yield gap, the gap between potential and realized yield, is minimized. Nile tilapia is the most farmed tropical fish species in the world and an important source of animal protein in developing countries. Most of its production is realized by smallholder farmers. However, many tilapia farms underperform in terms of survival and production efficiency, despite the use of genetically improved strains of tilapia such as GIFT.

How environmentally friendly is plastic made from seaweed? Can seaweed as raw material for bioplastics grow into a fully-fledged alternative to fossil fuels? They did this by performing a lifecycle analysis already during the experimental phase, and concluded that using algae as biomass is fundamentally more environmentally friendly than using maize or sugar cane. Even so, there is plenty more progress to be made.


The question, of course, is: can seaweed as raw material for bioplastics grow into a fully-fledged alternative to fossil fuels? A prerequisite is that we be able to make production economically viable. But there are also other factors, such as the impact of the production chain on the environment. With innovations in fisheries practices and in management fish yields can increase, feeding more people. This can be done by fishing gear innovations but also through innovations in fisheries management such as co-management. So more fish in the sea and also more fish available to feed the world.

Floating on water and containing high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals. Can produce 10 times more protein per hectare than soybean due to its exponential growth. Does not need agricultural land use and is easy to harvest. With the growing world population and the increase in meat consumption we encounter a huge plant protein demand. One of the solutions could be a new aquatic protein crop: Duckweed. Duckweed grows in small ponds at the farms on slurry from a bio-digester and is used to feed the cattle, fish or ducks.

This smallest flowering plant can help to feed the world with less land use. Worldwide, eel populations have decreased strongly since the s. Join us. We ask that you support our mission to "educate and activate" progressives in America, especially in this dark time of misinformation, disorientation, and fatalism. We can take America back, but no one is going to do it for us.

Please help us support this long fight. We are a space for folks to vent and share news, as well as a place for activists to communicate about resistance efforts, feature candidates and ways to flip seats in the Trump age. Join us in pledging to the eventual Democratic nominee!


I'll tell you anyway, million light years, just about the diameter of the Milky Way Galaxy. But viruses aren't alive, are they? By now you should be impressed about life on Planet Earth anyway. So what has all this to do with the Blue Revolution? Well, Humanity is at the threshold of ruining our world with global warming and not particularly liking each other to boot.

The solution? The Blue Revolution. Here is a future that will only happen if the world gets together and proceeds to develop OTEC, using this technology to power floating cities and industrial parks, while producing sustainable energy and resources, plus remediating climate change and minimizing tropical storms. What is standing in the way of progress? And motivation. There is no financing mechanism for anything so risky and bold.

But the USA chose to go to the Moon by mainly for political reasons. We were concerned about the Soviet Union, and this decision helped to bankrupt our adversary, ending the Cold War two decades later.

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The Blue Revolution does not have the glamour of the Mars Project. Elon Musk says he can do it cheaper and earlier. Maybe this was only a one way price. So, we reach Mars, what is the point? But Mars? Billionaires missed the memo that said outer space has become obsolete for now. But for what mineral? Business Inside r reports on five reasons why we need to colonize Mars now:.

On that fifth reason above, yes, it would be a fine achievement for the world to partner for the good of Humanity and Planet Earth. But any Mars project will not result in anything all that useful, save for some dubious ego satisfaction.

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What about the Blue Revolution? The former would be an amazing feat if life is found and a few end up surviving on the Red Planet. But that's about all. The latter:.

We should continue much of the scientific activity, and more, really. Someday, of course, we almost surely might need to send pioneers to other worlds. But the timing is not now. The Forbes billionaires list numbered Mainland China had 76 newly recognized billionaires. To quote one posting:.

Blue Revolution Blue Revolution
Blue Revolution Blue Revolution
Blue Revolution Blue Revolution
Blue Revolution Blue Revolution
Blue Revolution Blue Revolution
Blue Revolution Blue Revolution

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